In 2011 I started to design retro ‘80s inspired graphics, logos and animations under the name of Overglow. I started for passion but the whole 80s trend was about to unpredictably explode worldwide and my work got many attention from fans and studios. Under this moniker, I had the chance to work with Nike, Entertainment Weekly, Sony Pictures and many other major and independent acts. Following, a selection of the work I did as Overglow.

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Nike - MagistaX

Concept artwork for the 2015 MagistaX Nike promo. Video made by UK studio Intro.

Laser Unicorns

Logo for award-winning short movie Kung Fury’s production team, Laser Unicorns.
(Logo animation and additional lettering by Will Goodan)

Sony Pictures - 22 Jump Street 

Logo design for Sony Pictures’ movie “22 Jump Street” ending credits, by Alma Mater studio.
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New Retro Wave

Logo design and animations for Youtube Channel “New Retro Wave” and related segments “NRW Gaming” and “NRW Motors”

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Akade Wear

Shirt designs for AkadeWear 
︎ Akadewear.com

Heatwave Visual

Shirt design for Heatwave Visual
︎ Heatwavevisual.com

Various work

Various poster, cover and logo design.

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