I’m an Italian freelance multidisciplinary designer specializing in graphic design, branding, digital illustration,  visual 3D design and motion graphics.
My works are strongly inspired by the visual culture of the 80s, and are characterized by bright color palettes, surrealistic vibes, raw calligraphy and bold typographic compositions.

I designed for clients such as Gucci, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Nike, Bleacher Report, Entertainment Weekly and others.



Motion graphics

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The Beauty Of A Second Typeface

Made @ Leo Burnett 2011/12
This typeface was created as corporate font for Montblanc’s "The Beauty of a Second" project, winner of several Cannes Lions.
It turns clockwise as it progresses. The first typeface with time as third dimension.

Design and OpenType coding: Fabio Milito, Alessandro Strickner, Lapo Ceccherelli.