I’m an Italian freelance multidisciplinary designer specializing in graphic design, branding, digital illustration,  visual 3D design and motion graphics.
My works are strongly inspired by the visual culture of the 80s, and are characterized by bright color palettes, surrealistic vibes, raw calligraphy and bold typographic compositions.

I designed for clients such as Gucci, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Nike, Bleacher Report, Entertainment Weekly and others.



Motion graphics

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Giovedì Poster

Collaborative design project, Poster design.

Way before Blank Posters, there was Giovedì Poster.
Started by Salvatore Lillini and Alessandro Strickner in 2012, a word is chosen every thursday (giovedì in italian) using a random word generator.
That word becomes the theme for every designer that wanted to join to create a visual poster.

Started as a challenge between co-workers, it gained a worldwide interest through social media and we recieved many proposal by talented designers from all around the world.
Following, my personal proposals.
If you want to see more:

︎ www.giovediposter.tumblr.com
︎ www.facebook.com/giovediposter